Which "Final Fantasy" Guy is Your Soulmate?

Kennita Leon

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In every "Final Fantasy" game, there's a hero who has to find their self and save the day. And even though they're video games, some of the guys are ridiculously attractive. So which "Final Fantasy" guy would be yours?

What's your favorite thing to game on?

How many "Final Fantasy" games gave you played?

What race would you want to be from?

Which of the following jobs in the game would suit you best?

Do you prefer mages or wizards?

What color mage would you want to be?

Which weapon would you play the game with?

Let's get a bit more specific. Which sword would you wield?

Which summon is your favorite?

If you had to choose one spell to cast from the game, which would it be?

Which Final Fantasy hero are you most attracted to?

And which female character would be your best friend?

How do/would you play the game?

What's your favorite "Final Fantasy" game?

What qualities do you look for in a guy?

If you had to choose a guy purely based on looks, which guy would you choose?

Be honest: you tend to have a thing for guys with ________________ hair.

How important is it that your guy is taller than you?

Which of these are you most attracted to?

Where do you think you'd meet your guy?

Which pick up line is the cheesiest, in your opinion?

At a party, your guy would be the one...

What's the perfect first date?

Which word describes the best first kiss?

What's the best holiday for couples?

Where are you guys going on your first vacation together?

It's your birthday. What should you man do for you?

How should your man handle a guy who has insulted you?

You've decided to take the leap into marriage. What kind of wedding would you have?

And lastly, which of these words would describe his vows to you?

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