Which Famous Scientist Would Be Your Soulmate?

By: Zoe Samuel
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

There are many famous scientists known for their achievements, but not many are known for their sex appeal. Which sexy scientist would you love, mainly for their brains?

Does your soulmate need to be the center of attention?

What field do they know about?

What other skill might they have?

Do they love to travel?

What other language do they speak?

Where are they from?

What's their signature look?

Are they known for also being funny?

Do they persist in the face of a no (but not in a creepy way)?

Are they always improving themselves?

What do they inspire you to change about yourself?

Will people just ignore you at parties when you're together with them?

Do you mind them being smarter than you and constantly proving it?

Do you mind if they have a few exes?

Does your boo have a good relationship with their father?

What will you do on your first date?

What will you give them for your first anniversary?

How will they show you that they love you?

What sort of house will you live in?

Will you know anything about their field before you meet?

Will you ever actually understand a word they're saying when they talk about work?

Are they a very practical person?

Will they help around the house?

What will they make you for dinner?

How will you know it's time to leave your boo alone for a while?

Where will you go on holiday?

Who will admire them?

Who hasn't heard of them?

What will your first fight be about?

How will you make up?

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