Which famous real-life explorer are you?

By: Jody Mabry
Image: Neil Armstrong, Percy Fawcett, Reinhold Messner

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We love to read about them, watch movies about their lives and fantasize about their adventures. Explorers have paved the way forward into the most rugged parts of the world. Whether they are seeking treasure, lost civilizations or new worlds, they lead lives most people only dream of. Which of these real-life explorers are you?

Which has the best potential for adventure?

What prompted you to become an explorer?

To which exotic locale would you like to travel?

Which is your favorite action/adventure book?

Which do you think would be the most amazing space achievement?

What would you like to find under water?

Which is scariest about mountain climbing?

Which lost city would be the coolest to find?

What is the biggest benefit of being an explorer?

How would you make money to go on an expedition?

Which interests you most about space?

What is the most likely way humans could travel from one star system to another?

Which planet or moon is most likely to support life in our solar system? You know, besides Earth?

How would you tell your story?

How do you think you'll die?

What is the scariest thing about being in the middle of the ocean in a small boat?

What is so important about exploration?

Would you go after something everyone else says doesn't exist?

What is the scariest thing about the jungle?

What is something you should have when climbing a mountain at over 8,000 meters?

Who do you expect to meet on your travels?

What kind of alien life do you think exists in space?

Which body of water would you prefer to explore?

What is your favorite travel food?

How would you tell loved ones you are going on an adventure that may kill you?

Which book would inspire you to a new career?

Who is your favorite adventure writer?

Which of these movies do you prefer?

Which animal do you feel has the harshest climate to deal with?

What would serve you best on an adventure?

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