Which Famous Perfume Should You Try?

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Not only do you like to look good, but you like to smell good, too. You are a perfume expert, but you are looking for a scent that is as unique as you! Which one should you try next?

Where are you most likely to shop for perfume?

Which flower do you think smells the best?

How often do you wear expensive perfume?

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Which earthy scent do you prefer?

What cosmetics brand do you prefer?

How would you describe your style?

Which candle scent would you use in your home?

Are you guilty of wearing too much perfume?

How much are you willing to spend on a new perfume?

Which drug store perfume to you like most?

Which food smell makes your mouth water?

What is your most sensitive sense?

Which shoe designer do you like most?

If you were to make your own perfume, what scent would you include?

When is the last time you purchased expensive perfume?

Which perfume application do you prefer?

What body wash scent do you prefer?

Which smell you like the least?

Who are you most likely to give a gift of perfume?

Which perfume bottle do you think is most beautiful?

Which perfume maker do you prefer?

Which kind of body lotion do you prefer?

What would you keep in a locket?

Which celebrity's fragrance would you like to try?

What color perfume bottle do you like most?

What matching product would you purchase along with your perfume?

How do you find new fragrances?

Which beauty item will you always pay full price for?

Which word sums up a fragrance you would wear?

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