Which famous internet animal are you?

Teresa M.

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If you were to wake up tomorrow with whiskers and a viral internet video, which famous internet animal would you be? Are you funny like a honey badger or cuddly like a cat?

Which country would you most like to visit?

What is your favorite house pet?

What would you most enjoy about being internet famous?

Which animal sign of the Chinese Zodiac is most like your personality?

Which name are you most likely to choose for a cat?

What animal would you most like to observe in the wild?

Which social media platform do you use most?

How do you most often access the internet?

Which animal do you think is the funniest?

What do you like most about funny animal videos?

If you worked at a zoo, what would your job be?

Which circus animal do you find most interesting?

Which television show is most like your life?

Which word best describes your personality?

What would your job be on the set while filming an internet video?

How would you promote your internet video?

Which animal habitat do you think you would like most?

Which animal do you like the least?

What do you think would be the best thing about being a cat?

What is your favorite animal movie?

Which animal do you think is the cutest?

What breed of dog do you think is the smartest?

Which animal on the endangered species list do you like most?

Which famous dog do you like most?

If you were an animal, which celebrity would you like to have adopt you?

If you could purchase a farm animal for a village, which one would you buy?

What would you teach a pet parakeet to say?

Do you watch a lot of viral videos?

What kind of treat would you give a pet dog?

What would you like to see a famous internet animal do?

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