Which Famous Football Legend Are You?

Steven Miller

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While each of the legends who make up the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio have impressive career stats, they reached those numbers by taking unique paths and showcasing different personalities. The variety of characteristics among the greats of all time gives us a sense that there is no specific recipe for the temperament that you need to possess to reach the pinnacle of the sport.

Some of the best who ever played the game were fearsome personalities, individuals who struck fear into the hearts and minds on the other side of the ball. They altered the odds of victory for their team simply through their presence on the field. These forces of nature seemed to will greatness into being and had the kind of energy that suggested that they were simply going to find a way to beat you on any given Sunday.

Other players were more like graceful dancers, artists who defied gravity and made some of the most challenging plays look like a cake walk. They wowed us with their ability to turn nothing into something, stunning all in attendance with their feats of greatness that will forever be a part of the NFL highlight reel for the ages.

The scouting is complete, and all the game plans are in place. It's time to break the huddle and find out which NFL great comes to mind when you take your spot in the formation.

Which description best matches what your touchdown celebration would look like?

Which position listed below matches your personality the best?

Of the following, which team would you rather watch play?

Which description best matches your body type?

Would you say that you have a big ego?

How comfortable would you be in front of the cameras?

Which jersey number would you rather have?

How agile are you?

Of the following, which college would you rather attend?

Do you have a lot of haters?

How book-smart are you?

Which play is most exciting to you?

Are you model material?

Which brand would you rather represent?

Of the following, which coach do you admire the most?

Would you consider yourself to be graceful?

Are you so skilled that you tend to make difficult things look easy?

How often is there a smile on your face?

Which quarterback would you rather have throwing the ball to you?

Which running back would you prefer to hand the ball to when you need a big run?

Which wide receiver would you most trust to make the catch to win the game?

Which NFL team do you dislike the most?

Do you play golf?

Have you ever had any issues with substance abuse?

How aggressive would you say you are?

Do you have the ability to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents?

Which description best matches your personality?

How much controversy has there been in your life?

Would you retire at the top of your game or play it out until you couldn't compete anymore?

Which of the following current NFL stars do you like the most?

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