Which Famous Food Combination Are You and Your Best Friend?

Por Khadija Leon el May 02, 2018

Acerca de este quiz

We all have a best friend, and whether that person is a sibling, childhood friend, parent or pet, he or she is someone who has our backs and who helps to be our best selves.

This type of relationship in many ways mimics that of siblings not only because of how close the pair of people become but also because of the way that they interact with one another. This type of friendship hold such significance that National Best Friend Day is celebrated everyday on June 8th.

Over the last couple of decades, we have seen these relationships being portrayed on television, on the big screen, and we have even heard about them in songs. While we can compare the relationships that we have seen to our very own, gave you ever thought about which food pairing you and your bestie can be likened to?

Which food combinations best describes you and your best friend's relationship? Will you be as inseparable as macaroni and cheese, as classic as a fancy wine and cheese pairing, as fun as tequila and lime or is your best friend the bacon to your eggs? The only way to find out which of these it is, is to take this quiz!

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