Which Famous Baseball All-Star are You?

By: Jody Mabry
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The "Midsummer Classic" has been a baseball tradition since 1933. Since then the American and National leagues have pitted the best-assembled players every year to battle for the All-Star title. However, over the years some All-Stars stand out more than others. Which of these famous Baseball All-Stars are you?

Which MLB stadium would you most like to play in?

What do you owe your success in life? Hard work, natural talent, or luck?

What is your best skill?

You wake up with a hangover. Do you go to work?

You're at a ballgame and another fan is heckling you. How do you respond?

How do you keep yourself in shape?

You see someone being bullied a couple rows ahead of you at a ballgame. What do you do?

What's your favorite kind of pitch?

How hard do you think you can throw a baseball?

Would you just stop one of Nolan Ryan's pitches without wearing padding for $10,000?

Which of these teams are you tired of seeing winning?

Your best friend cost you a big-time client. How do you approach him or her?

Who are you most likely to help if you see someone in trouble?

Which is your preferred method of cross-country travel?

How would people describe your baseball swing?

What kind of a first impression do you leave people?

Does your first impression actually reflect who you are?

Which of these sports, besides baseball, would you have liked to turn pro in?

Who were you in high school?

You sign a massive baseball contract. What is the first thing you buy?

How do you want to celebrate your retirement?

How do you greet an eager fan who approaches you while you are eating with family?

Do you slide head first or feet first?

Which is the best feat to attain in baseball?

What is more important to you before a big game - sleep or practice?

Which is the best weather to play ball?

What type of shower do you take?

Which is your favorite ballpark food?

How easy is it to leg out a triple?

Which is your favorite type of game?

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