Which Fairytale Princess Are You?

By Tori Highley on March 11, 2018

About This Quiz

"Let it go, let it go. And I'll rise like the break of dawn!" Who could forget these powerful words from Ice Queen, Elsa? While you may not have been crowned Queen yet, you're definitely a princess. Life isn't always a fairy tale, but it's clear you belong in one! So, which fairy tale princess are you?

When we think of our favorite fairy tales, your mind might immediately go to a Disney film, but the tales of these strong princesses have been around years before their film! And we've all been introduced to stories about Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and more. While all these princesses were finding love in their lives, they were dealing with more than that! They each had experiences that called for them to use their intelligence, wit, strength and daring. 

Are you like the fan favorite, Cinderella? While her evil stepmother and stepsisters tried to keep her down, she was always ready to seize any opportunity. She would've never made it to the ball to meet her prince otherwise! Rapunzel spent years locked away in a tower. That didn't stop her from being a happy person set on living her best life! Maybe you're brave and nurturing like Snow White. She had to grow up on her own, but it made her a loving person!

So, are you Cinderella or Snow White? Let's find out!

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