Which Disney Sidekick are you? Quiz

By Ashley D on May 18, 2018

About This Quiz

One could argue that the main Disney characters are nothing without their sidekicks, and we are in agreement. By definition, a sidekick is someone who accompanies a hero (or sometimes villain) on their quest and helps them along the way. The sidekick often provides insight to predicaments the hero or villain might face, making their journey a lot smoother. 

All Disney movies have sidekicks, and for good reason. Not only are these helpers adorable, but they're also funny and tend to make really good decisions. So which one are you? Are you Mushu, the spicy dragon who has good intentions but whose mouth always gets him in serious trouble? Are you more like Olaf, the sweet sidekick in Disney's Frozen- who'd sacrifice himself just to see others happy? Are you Tinkerbell- Peter Pan's leading lady who tends to be right 99% of the time? Or are you Iago- who comes off as selfish but has a gooey heart he doesn't like exposing? 

If you want to find out not only which Disney movie you'd star in, who you'd star alongside, but also which character you're most like, take this quiz! You never know, maybe you may end up voicing the character in a sequel! 

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