Which Disney Princess Should You Trick or Treat With?

By: Zoe Samuel

About This Quiz

When you're going out on All Hallow's Eve, who you take with you will impact how likely you are to get a good haul, and more importantly, have a good time. Choose wisely!

Does your ideal partner know the way around the hood?

Do you mind a partner on a curfew?

Does your ideal partner have a trick up her sleeve?

Is she resourceful?

Is she funny?

Is she the sort of person who breaks the rules?

Is she good at finding hidden places?

Is she wearing the best costume?

Is she likely to cry if someone you trick or treat is mean to her?

Does she secretly hope it will be all tricks and no treats?

What non-candy treat does she hope to get?

How will she ask for a treat?

Does she need to be supervised by a parent?

Is she afraid of going to certain streets?

Will she get on with your friends?

Will people in houses that don't usually give out treats just be so happy to see her that they might?

Is she dressed for the cold?

Does she truly appreciate candy?

Does she know how to handle the monsters of Halloween?

Does she speak a few languages, just in case?

Can she carry a large haul?

Will she know what to say to cheer you up if the haul is poor?

Does she know a shortcut?

Will she help you stay ahead of the other kids?

Will your parents like her?

Does she have suitable shoes on?

Will she help you accessorize your costume?

Will she be willing to play a really mean trick?

What sort of terrain are you navigating?

Do you expect her to do all the work but you get some of the candy?

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