Which Disney Guy Would Be Your Big Brother?

Kennita Leon

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The Disney guys have gotten lots of attention for the way they treat their princesses. But what if we turned them into big brothers instead? Who would your big brother be?

Which Disney prince do you want to be your big brother?

Where does your big brother prince live?

How would he get around his kingdom?

What's the one princely thing your older brother always wears?

What would your brother's best quality be?

Would he have lots of enemies?

How would he deal with those enemies?

Every prince gets a sidekick and so should you. Which animal would your sidekick be?

But which Disney character would join you, if they could?

Which Disney princess would you want for a sister-in-law?

What would your brother battle to get his princess?

If you had to help your brother in a battle, what weapon would you bring?

If your brother could wish for anything in life, what would it be?

Where does your brother's story begin?

And where does it end?

Do you already have an older brother?

We've talked a lot about your potential older brother. But what about you? Which word best describes you?

What activity do you think the two of you would do together the most?

What princely activity would you want him to teach you?

How adventurous would you say you are?

What do you do in your spare time?

Which of the following would you eat every day if you were able to?

If people were jealous of you for something, what would it be?

Would you say that you're humble?

What's your love life like right now?

What do you notice first about someone you might be interested in?

How would you win their heart?

Which streaming service do you prefer?

Which show are you most likely to watch on TV?

What's your favorite old school Disney movie?

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