Which Disney Character Should You Name Your Baby After?

By Artimis Charvet on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

What's in a name? Well, there's a lot actually. Names can lead to future greatness or future teasing at school and work. Names are what we will be known as, and in some cases who we will become. Some people even believe that names hold power. And even if you don't believe anything that we've said thus far, you know that choosing a name is a big deal. So we've got a source that has loads of amazing names, and it's none other than Disney. So answer a few questions, and we'll tell you which Disney character you should name your baby after. 

Disney characters are some of the sweetest, strongest and most hardworking characters in the world. So, why not name your baby after one of them? How does White sound to you? Unconventional names are all the rage, and a color fits the bill perfectly. What about Ryder? Ryder can be the name of a boy or girl and sounds edgy and like a kid who'll grow up to be an adventurer. Or maybe Aurora Aurora. Your baby will be as sweet as can be with this name, there's no doubt about that. Lastly, what do you think of Ana? She'll be the best little sister ever! So, if you want to know which Disney character should inspire your baby's name, take this quiz.

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