Which Dictator Are You?

By: Kennita Leon

About This Quiz

Throughout the history of the world, there have been several people who have forcibly seized power of their nations and sometimes regions. They are called dictators. So which would you be?

Which of these words best describes you?

What’s your best quality?

Which deadly sin is yours to bear?

What’s your biggest flaw?

Which role do you take when you're hanging out with friends?

What kind of family would you want to come from?

Which of these breakfast foods can you not get enough of?

Which lunch would you eat?

Which continent would you go to for vacation?

Which country would you like to visit?

What would you do with some spare time and a little extra money?

What kind of dog is more your style?

Which exotic pet would you get?

Which of these do you hate the most?

What kind of facial hair do you prefer?

Which subject do you find the most intriguing?

What do you usually do on the weekend?

Which of these board games could you beat anyone at?

If you had to have one super power, which would it be?

Which Disney villain would you choose to be your mentor?

Which TV villain do you admire the most?

On a scale of 1 to 4, where one is the weakest and 4 is the strongest, how bad is your temper?

How often do you get angry?

How do you usually express your anger?

Which weapon would you use the most?

You’re a world leader and your people are revolting, what do you do?

If you had one wish, what would it be?

Which political party or belief system is closest to yours?

Which nickname sounds the coolest to you?

How do you think you’ll die?

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