Which DC Villain Is Most Like Your Mother-in-Law?

Kennita Leon

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Sometimes our mothers-in-law can be so horrible that they could be villains themselves. Which DC villain would you say is most like the woman who gave birth to your spouse?

Do you honestly think that your mother-in-law has what it takes to be a villain?

What weapon do you think she'd use?

On behalf of your mother-in-law, finish the sentence: What doesn't kill you makes you __________________.

What's the most intimidating thing about your mother-in-law?

In which of these places would she make her secret lair?

Would she have super powers?

Which one would she have?

Cape or nor cape? Mask or no mask?

Whose costume would she model hers after?

If your mother-in-law had to work for one villain, who would it be?

If she had to team up with one person from the Marvel Universe who would it be?

Who would be her arch nemesis?

What does your mother-in-law hate above everything else?

What does your mother-in-law do when she's angry?

Does your spouse ever stand up for you when your mother-in-law has wronged you?

How did your mother-in-law react when you told her you and her child were engaged?

Did she help in planning the wedding?

What did she wear to your wedding?

Did she help you and your spouse buy your first home together?

Would you ever name your daughter after your mother-in-law?

How often does your mother-in-law call her child?

How long do they usually stay on the phone?

Does she live very far away from you?

Has it ever been awkward when the two of you sat in a room together?

Are you ever drained after spending time with your mother-in-law?

Do you want to further develop your relationship with your mother-in-law?

Is your mother-in-law ever mean to your mom?

Does your spouse ever see their mom's bad ways?

What do you think she'd do if you filed for divorce from her child?

Overall, what kind of mother would you say she is?

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