Which Dallas Cowboy Are You?

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It's true. "The stars at night, are big and bright...deep in the heart of Texas!" Those stars are just as bright in the silver, white, and blue of a Dallas Cowboy's uniform. This polarizing franchise has enjoyed long stretches of dominance in the highly competitive NFL and has had some of the greatest players of all time on their roster. The personalities of these Hall of Fame players have varied widely, and those unique characteristics will help us to match you up with one of Dallas' favorite sons.

Does your calm and composed demeanor hide a highly competitive streak inside you? Do you hold your coworkers/teammates to an extremely high standard? If those descriptors are starting to sound familiar, you might be getting paired up with a face and a voice that you regularly see providing color commentary on NFL games.

If you are respected and admired so much by those around you that you've earned the nickname of "Captain America," we've got a soft-spoken gentleman whose name has become synonymous with class and heroism. You'll likely feel honored to be mentioned in connection to this all-time great.

Another Cowboy legend is known for putting on a great show and talking a ton of smack to opponents, while yet another is more likely to win you over by the way he smiles. 

The crowd is on their feet at AT&T Stadium. With the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders putting on quite a show, you run out onto the field. The question is, what number is on that jersey of yours?

Are you more boisterous or soft-spoken?

Which position fits your personality the best?

Would you make for a good color commentator?

How competitive are you?

Are you an open book or do you tend to stay more private with your personal life?

Would you say that you are an intense person?

Which style of music do you like the most?

Would you consider yourself to be a leader? If so, what kind of leader are you?

Which word best matches your sense of humor?

Would you consider yourself to be a spiritual person?

Do you tend to be more serious or lighthearted?

If you played for the Cowboys, what would be your strategy with Jerry Jones?

Which city in Texas would you rather spend time in?

Which classic Texas dish would you rather eat?

Besides football, which sport do you like the most?

What would your touchdown celebration look like?

Do you enjoy talking smack?

How comfortable would you be in front of the camera?

Which best describes your fashion sense?

Which jersey number would you rather wear?

Which NFL team do you dislike the most?

Which big play is most exciting to you?

Would you consider yourself to be old-school?

How long have you been a Cowboys fan?

Which superhero do you feel drawn to the most?

How much drama is there in your life?

Of the following locations, where would you most like to spend some time?

Are you the strong and silent type?

Do you have a lot of haters?

Which famous Texas landmark fits your personality the best?

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