Which Crew Member From "Atlantis" Are You?

By Jody Mabry on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Atlantis: The Lost Empire was an animated Sci-Fi movie, the first for Disney, that was released back in 2001. The film was set all the way back in the early 1900s and followed a young man who had a special book which was supposed to lead him to the lost city of Atlantis.  Together with his crew, he sets out to find the city. Through a series of plot twists and turn, the lead character is betrayed, finds love and ultimately decides to stay in Atlantis to try to help rebuild.

The movie was met with mixed reviews because it was a first for Disney, but the general consensus is that it was a great movie. With the amazing visuals and awesome characters, there was a lot to love about it. But if you were in the movie, who or what would you be? Would you be the determined, intelligent and inquisitive Milo? Or are you the intimidating Kida? Maybe you're more like the strong and unrelenting Lyle. Or are you actually passionate, like Audrey?

If you want to find out which crew member you'd be, take our quiz. You may just go off on an expedition to find Atlantis on your own! 

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