Which Creative Flavor of Ice Cream are You?

Jody Mabry

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Yum! Who doesn't like ice cream? But, which flavor are you? It's probably not going to be what you expect. In fact, your flavor will probably be more creative than you thought. Take this quiz to see which creative flavor of ice cream you are.

Which is your favorite popular flavor of ice cream?

Which ice cream cone typr do you prefer?

Which would you sprinkle on top of your ice cream?

Which is your preferred type of frozen treat?

Who do you enjoy eating ice cream with?

Which vacation adventure would you prefer?

You are at an ice cream parlor and someone cute flirtatiously looks at you. What do you do?

Which of these days is the best day to eat an ice cream cake?

Which is your favorite holiday?

You see a puppy crossing a busy street on its own. What do you do?

Someone bumps into you while you are eating ice cream and you drop your entire cone on the ground. What happens next?

Which food and beverage will always end in an ice cream dessert?

What would your friends say is your best personality trait?

Which place is the best place to eat ice cream?

Which pet would you love to nuzzle you awake in the morning?

How do you like to relax before bed?

What time do you wake up in the morning?

You're at a club with friends. What do you do first?

How would you describe your social lifestyle?

You go to a movie by yourself. Which type of movie would you go to see?

You're stranded somewhere. Which device are you happy you have with you?

What kind of music fits an "ice cream" kinda mood?

How would you describe most of your relationships?

What is your favorite sunny day accessory?

The restaurant you are at is out of ice cream. What do you do?

You're stranded on a deserted island. What can't you live without?

What kind of a kisser are you?

It's your midlife crisis. How do you show it?

Which sport would you be horrible at, but look cute trying?

Which event will lead you to eat massive amounts of ice cream?

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