Which Couple From "The O.C." Are You and Your Significant Other?

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About This Quiz

The O.C. was a teen drama that was extremely popular when its first episode aired in August of 2013. The show followed a troubled teen who was suddenly thrust into the lifestyle of the rich when he was adopted by a wealthy couple. Together with his foster brother, the girl next door and a few other people, they navigated the city known as Orange County. Sadly, it came to an end in 2007, but that doesn't mean that we've forgotten all about it. In fact, some of us miss it so much that we've become inspired to make quizzes about it. In this case, we want to know which couple from the hit show you and your babe are most like!

Are you guys like Sandy and Kirsten, whose relationship was based on trust and mutual respect for each other? Are you guys more like Ryan and Marissa, who came from two different worlds? Or are you Seth and Anna, who are so much like each other that you'd make great friends if you weren't together? Or are you actually Seth and Summer, who are the direct opposites of each other? 

If you want to know whether you and your boo would've ruled the Orange County or gotten lost in its depths, get started with this quiz!

What do you look for in a partner?

Where did you guys meet?

Where did you go to on your first date?

Which of these things do you have in common?

What genre of movies does your relationship fall into?

How long did it take for you to fall in love?

Who said "I love you" first?

How would he/she describe you?

Do you see a future with your partner?

Which of these love songs is your song?

What is the longest amount of time that you have spent apart?

Are you a fan of PDA?

Where is the most romantic place that you can be taken?

How often do you fight?

Which physical feature are you most attracted to?

What career would you like your partner to have?

Which reality show would you two appear on together?

Which secondary character would you date?

What holiday do you enjoy spending together?

How will you two be spending the holidays?

What kind of dog would you get together?

Which breakfast food do you like to prepare for your partner?

Which "Game of Thrones" character reminds you of your partner?

Which part of the Orange County would you live in?

What is the best thing about living on the west coast?

How many bedrooms would you like your home to have?

Where in California would you go shopping?

Which quote from the show sums up your outlook on life?

Which of these beach activities sounds like fun?

What was your favorite year at high school?

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