Which Classic Christmas Story Describes Your Life?

By Amanda M. on April 27, 2018

About This Quiz

Christmas is one of the best times of the year, not just because you get to see your family, receive gifts and eat great food, although those are pretty amazing things, but also because of the shows and movies that frequent our screens. 

At this point, we know that you're a big fan or else you wouldn't be here, so we want to guess which Christmas story best describes you and your life. The possibilities are endless, so you must be curious about the result. We know we are!

We're going to ask you certain things about the holidays, as well as what your life is like. By the end of the quiz, we'll be able to give you an answer, telling you which holiday favorite tells others about you and the things you've gone through. 

Will your movie be "The Gift of the Magi?" Are you the kind of person who would do any and everything for the ones you love? Or is the story of your life similar to "Twas the Night Before Christmas?" The only way to find out which Christmas story is similar to your own is to answer our questions!

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