Which Christmas Cookie Are You?

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Christmas is beloved around the world for many reasons; for the presents, for spending time with your family and of course, for the food. One of the best Christmas foods is cookies; they're filled with spices, loves and tons of goodness. So which one are you? If you want to find out, this is the quiz for you?

Are you a snickerdoodle? They're soft and buttery but have enough spice to not be complete pushovers. Or are you a sugar cookie? They're just made of pure goodness that never gets old. Are you a gingerbread cookie? They're sassy cookies that not everyone can handle. Or are you a peanut butter kiss? They're the most delicious and down to earth (if cookies could be described that way) cookies of the bunch, but is that who you are? If you find yourself gravitating to a specific cookie doesn't necessarily mean that that's who you are- you may be someone else entirely. 

So if you want to find out which small, flat, sweet cake from the holidays you are, take our fun quiz. Apart from finding your result, you'll be reminded of all the things that make Christmas so great! Are you ready? Let's get started. 

Which Christmas motif do you like most?

What might you add to your hot chocolate?

How would your friends describe your gifts?

Have you ever worn an ugly Christmas sweater?

When do you purchase your Christmas gifts?

How do you feel about handmade gifts?

When do you decorate your tree?

How many Christmas cards do you mail out every year?

What would you love for Santa to bring you this year?

How would your family sum up your personality?

Which Christmas song do you like most?

Do you like wrapping gifts?

Where do you do most of your holiday shopping?

Which Christmas movie do you like most?

Which character from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" are you most like?

Who might you kiss under the mistletoe this year?

Do you spend too much money during the holidays?

Do you still believe in Santa?

What is your favorite holiday greeting to say?

When do you usually open Christmas gifts?

What holiday tradition do you participate in?

What will you leave out for Santa's reindeer?

Do you donate money to the Santa outside of stores?

If you were a kid, which toy would you most like to receive?

Do you like egg nog?

Have you ever dressed up as Santa?

Which reindeer name do you like most?

What would be your job at the North Pole?

When do you think Christmas music should start playing during the year?

Are you more like Scrooge, the Grinch, or Santa?

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