Which Chemical Reaction Are You and Your S.O.?

By: Zoe Samuel
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What do you do with a dead chemist? BARIUM! When it comes to chemistry, everyone's dealing with atoms and elements, but what about the reactions? They're one of the most important parts! In the world of chemistry, which chemical reaction are you and your significant other?

If you paid attention in your chemistry class, you'd probably know that there are a series of chemical reactions. These happen when the molecular structure of a substance is changing. There could be acid-base, synthesis, decomposition, and combustion reactions. Which one are you and your significant other?

Your relationship might be like a synthesis reaction. While you and your significant other surely aren't the same, you're able to combine together to form a single perfect unit!  But let's hope your relationship isn't like a combustion reaction! In these types of reactions or relationships, you're going to get burned! You and your significant other might function well on your own, but there's a big chance that once you get together, the situation is explosive.

You and your significant other might be like neither of these reactions! You might be a redox reaction, or maybe your relationship is slowly breaking apart like a decomposition reaction. There's only one way to find out!

So, answer these questions, and we'll let you know which chemical reaction you and your significant other are!

Hurry up before all the good reactions Argon!

Are you still in the same life stage as when you got together?

Are you very different people?

Do you think your differences make you stronger?

Do you feel like the relationship has an expiry date?

Are you changing each other?

Do you fight a lot?

When you argue, can you do it while remaining calm and loving?

Do you like how they have changed you?

Are you a positive influence on them?

Do your parents approve of your relationship?

Do you both feel the same way about kids?

Do you have the same attitude to faith?

Have you grown closer or further apart in your life?

Are you each other's best friends?

How passionate are you together?

Does your extended family like your partner?

Does your partner like your family?

Has anyone in your life ever expressed concern about your relationship?

Do your friends often try to hang out with just you, without your partner?

Does your partner make you feel proud?

How invested are you in making this relationship last?

Do you make each other laugh?

Do you know how to keep the flame alive?

Do you take time to show your partner you love them?

Are they considerate of your needs?

Do you still get butterflies when your phone rings and it's them?

Do they drive you up the wall?

Do they inspire you to work harder at your goals?

Do they pick you up when you're down?

Would you trust them with your phone password?

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