Which Charmed Guy is Your Soulmate?

By: Artimis Charvet
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Grab The Book of Shadows and a scryer to see who should hold the keys to your heart. Have you ever wondered if you belonged with Leo, Chris, or one of the other charming choices? Find out now who your "Charmed" love match is!

Which "Charmed" sister do you identify with most?

Which child are you?

What kind of man would you want?

What quality do you like most in a man?

What kind of job would your man have?

Which word best describes you?

If you found out you had magical powers, how would you react?

What kind of spell would you cast?

Which power would you want?

Who would you vanquish first?

How do you spend your evenings?

What describes your style?

If you were in a fight, who would you be?

A demon appears, what's your first response?

How many times would you get married?

Which fairy tale is your favorite?

If you were a goddess, which one would you be?

If the Angel Of Destiny offered you a chance to give up your powers, would you take it?

Where would you see yourself in 50 years?

What would your dream date include?

What is the first thing you notice on a guy?

If a demon kidnapped you, what would you do?

Which of these are you best at?

Which of the following books do you prefer?

There's a serial killer in town trying to kill you, what do you do?

If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go?

How do you feel if someone confides a deep, dark secret to you?

What are your thoughts on vampires?

What's your greatest aspiration?

What do you consider your biggest flaw?

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