Which character from Two and a Half Men are you?

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"Two and Half Men" first aired in 2003 and it quickly gained momentum. For 12 seasons, "Two and a Half Men" made us laugh and cringe at the same time. Which character would you be?

Which one of Charlie's women friends do you find most attractive?

Which song would you most like to hear Charlie play on the piano?

What would you like most about living in Charlie's beach house?

Which "Two and a Half Men" character would you go on a date with?

What sort of cocktail would you ask Berta to make?

Would you be as promiscuous as Charlie?

Which room in Charlie's home would you spend the most time in?

Where would you take Jake out for ice cream?

Other than "Two and a Half Men," what sitcom do you like most?

Who is your favorite "Two and a Half Men" character?

Which "Two and a Half Men" actor do you find the funniest?

If you were to visit Alan's chiropractic office, what would you have worked on?

What type of dinner would you make for the Harper family?

If you lived in Charlie's beach house, what beach activity would you do most often?

Who was Alan's best love match?

Which "Two and a Half Men" character would you take on a double date?

Which "Two and a Half Men" actress do you find most attractive?

What would you do to make Walden have fun?

Which "Two and a Half Men" character do you think would make the best husband?

Why do you think Charlie is so unlucky in love?

When Charlie's character passed away, how did you react?

Which Charlie Sheen quote do you like most?

Which Jon Cryer character do you like most?

Why do you think Berta stays?

How do you think they handled Charlie's exit from the show?

How do you feel about Ashton Kutcher on the show?

Which episode name do you like most?

Which "Two and a Half Men" guest star did you like most?

Would you allow your brother and his child to live with you?

What is the best thing about the relationships on "Two and a Half Men"?

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