Which character from Freaks and Geeks are you?

Teresa M.

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For two seasons, the hit "Freaks and Geeks" mesmerized audiences with a comedic look into '70s-era high school life. Which "Freaks and Geeks" character are you most like? Find out.

Which character from "That '70s Show" do you have the most in common with?

Which '70s band do you like most?

Which word best describes your high school life?

Which '70s catchphrase would you use?

How would you describe your high school dating life?

Which high school subject did you like most?

Were you a good student?

What letter grade did you receive most in school?

Which '70s car would you drive now?

What stereotype were you in high school?

Which Linda Cardellini movie did you like most?

What was the most rebellious thing you did in high school?

Which television parent are you most like?

Which '70s singer would you like to sing like?

Which David Bowie song do you like most?

Which club might you have belonged to in high school?

Which '70s fashion trend would you sport now?

Which '70s food trend would you like to try?

Which "Freaks and Geeks" character do you like most?

Are you more freak or more geek?

Do you have fond memories of high school?

What do you like most about Sam and Lindsay's parents?

Which James Franco role did you like him in most?

Which "How I Met Your Mother" character do you think is the funniest?

Which '70s name do you wish your parents would have named you?

Which high school subject did you like the least when you were in school?

Which '70s actress do you think was most talented?

Was your guidance counselor like Mr. Rosso?

Did you have a fake ID in high school?

Which '70s cartoon have you seen the most?

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