Which character from Field of Dreams are you?

By: Jody Mabry
Image: Universal Pictures

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The 1919 Black Sox reunite in an Iowa cornfield - and a farmer makes it all happen. "If you build it, he will come" is one of the most popular movie quotes of all time. Take this quiz to see which "Field of Dreams" character you are!

Which of these sports would you love to spend a weekend evening watching?

Which of these baseball movies do you want to watch again?

Which book-to-movie film did you love?

Which is your favorite "Field of Dreams" quote?

Which baseball position is your favorite?

Which banned book would you hide so it wouldn't be burned?

Which baseball legend would you love to play catch with?

Would you step onto the Field of Dreams if that meant you couldn't go back?

How would your partner respond if you acted the way Ray Kinsella did in "Field of Dreams"?

What is something you tend to be impulsive about?

Would you support your partner's crazy dreams?

Which '80s sports movie is still in your top ten?

Which of these teams do you want to see in the World Series?

Do you hear voices?

How do you respond when teased?

Which athletic field or court would you want in your backyard?

If you were suddenly famous, how would you live?

Which of these reclusive authors would you like to have brunch with?

What is it about "Field of Dreams" that gets you going?

Do you believe in destiny?

If you were offered a bunch of money to betray your friends, would you?

Should Shoeless Joe have been implicated in the Black Sox scandal?

Do you believe in time travel?

How do your children show they want to be like you?

Your partner is acting crazy. What do you do?

Which abnormal belief would you expect your partner to become obsessed with?

What do you think happens after you die?

Which is Kevin Costner's best baseball movie?

If you were a novelist, what would you write about?

If you build it, they will...

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