Which Cartoon Villain Are You in the Morning?

By Jody Mabry on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Some people are only moody on Monday mornings or if they're woken up too early. Others are moody every single morning, so much so that they can be called villains. If you fit this description, then we've got a great quiz for you to try! Which cartoon villain are you most like in the morning? If you want to find out, let's read a bit more then get started. 

Are you Gargamel? Do you prey on others on a morning like Gargamel does the smurfs? Are you a bully like Monty Burns? Are you unsympathetic and insensitive when you wake up every day? Do you take advantage of others like Dick Dastardly? Do you lie, cheat and steal to get your way on mornings? Or you a meanie like Shredder? Do you not have a sense of humor and refuse to smile on mornings, even if you get your coffee? 

We get that it can be hard to smile as soon as you wake up, but you take it to another level. So if you're curious to find out whether you're a smurf terrorizer or a no-good racer, take our quiz. Maybe you'll be a little less moody and get a laugh out of it.

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