Which breed of cat are you?

By Ashley D. on February 03, 2018

About This Quiz

A lot of people that are not in the know think that all cats are the same, and never even think about how there are differences in breeds. We are telling you right meow that nothing could be further from the truth. 

Anyone that has fallen in love with a cat knows that every single one of them is unique, even more so when it comes to its breed. Depending on the breed of cat there are all sorts of different looks, personalities, and vibes. 

The Siamese is mysterious and truly beautiful, but it is also complicated and more than a little moody. The Maine Coon cat is as chill as they come, they are friendly and low maintenance, at least until it comes to their looks. The Sphnyx is a riot and loves to get attention.  

The Bengal is classy and exotic, The Russian Blue is cultured and refined, and no matter what you do, don't sleep on the American Shorthair. It might seem to not be all that special at first and might even be a little shy but once you get to know it, you will see that its personality and beauty shine through. 

Take this quiz to unleash your inner feline. 

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