Which Brady Bunch adult are you?

By: Joshua Laurent

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Sure, the kids and their ease-to-solve-in-30-minutes problems were the focus of The Brady Bunch. But who solved those problems? The adults. Which one are you most like?

Who was your favorite Brady daughter?

Who was your favorite Brady son?

Who had the best post-Brady Bunch career?

Chris Knight (Peter) had a reality show. Which character should also have one?

What's the best kind of job for you?

Who was the most annoying guest character?

What did you think about Cousin Oliver?

The Brady Bunch had no series finale. If they did, what should have happened?

What was your favorite Brady Bunch song?

What's your opinion on live-in maids?

Who was the most neurotic Brady?

Which Brady probably had the lowest IQ?

Which Brady was probably the smartest?

What was the most groundbreaking part of The Brady Bunch?

What was your favorite line of the theme song?

What topic would you have liked to see the show tackle?

Who was the coolest Brady child?

How many different episodes of The Brady Bunch do you think you've seen in your life?

Which would be the worst character to take a roadtrip with?

If one of the kids had to be killed off the show, which should it have been?

How should that character been killed off?

Where was the best Brady vacation?

Which of these shows reminds you most of The Brady Bunch?

Which character should have been spun-off into their own series?

Which later Brady Bunch project did you like the most?

Which Gilligan's Island character would have been the best on The Brady Bunch?

What night of the week should the show have been broadcast?

Which Brady character would have gone on to be the most successful?

Which Brady kid would have gone on in adulthood to make a sex tape?

Overall, on a scale of 1-100, what's the nearest number you'd score The Brady Bunch as a show, with one being the worst.

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