Which Bob Ross Painting are you?

Teresa M.

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With a voice that could lull anyone to sleep, Bob Ross inspired millions with his brand of paintings and instructional style. He is a true American icon. If you were one of his paintings, which one would you be? Take the quiz to find out!

If you went on an Alaskan vacation, what would you do?

Are you as talented as Bob Ross?

Other than "The Joy of Painting," what PBS show do you like most?

Would you wear your hair like Bob Ross?

Have you used and Bob Ross products?

Which landscape would you like to paint?

What would live in a painting you created?

Have you had any happy accidents lately?

What color would you base a painting around?

Which color combination do you prefer?

Have you ever fallen asleep to Bob Ross?

What would you use to mix paint?

If you were to cook dinner for Bob Ross, what would you cook?

If you could have a conversation with Bob Ross, what would you talk about?

Would you ever take a painting class?

How would your friends describe your level of artistry?

Other than Bob Ross, which painter do you like most?

Do you have a hobby you love as much as Bob Ross loves painting?

What do you like most about Bob Ross?

Did you know that Bob Ross was a decorated soldier?

What do you think is Bob Ross's favorite woodland creature?

Do you have a favorite Bob Ross painting?

Would you date someone like Bob Ross?

What would you have liked to see Bob Ross paint?

Are you as peaceful as Bob Ross?

If you had Bob Ross hair, what would you store in there?

Do you have a favorite episode of "The Joy of Painting?"

Which celebrity would you have like to see make a guest appearance with Bob Ross?

Who do you think should have interviewed Bob Ross?

Do you support the arts?

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