Which Bennet Sister Do You Look Like?

By Zoe Samuel on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you familiar with the Bennet sisters of Jane Austen's iconic 1813 novel, "Pride and Prejudice?" Do you fancy yourself resembling one of them? Based on your answers to the following 30 questions, we can tell you which of the Bennet sisters you most resemble.

Each of the Bennet sisters has her unique personality. And, based on Jane Austen's ability to create a character in the reader's mind, each of the Bennet sisters also has a well-developed appearance. Do you look most like Elizabeth, the stylish one; most like Mary, the plain one; most like Jane, the natural beauty; or most like Lydia, the vivacious one? 

By answering questions such as "do you care about being appropriate in your department," "do you look your most comfortable playing piano," and "have you ever been described as handsome," you will give us enough information to gauge which Bennet sister you most resemble. Our formula is based on mannerisms and personality, and it's very scientific (not really, but it is fun), so if you're game for finding out which of the Bennet girls you look like, this is the quiz for you.

Are you ready to find out which of the Bennet sisters you most resemble? Let's get started.

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