Which Bee Gees Song is Your Life's Theme Song?

By: Teresa M.
Image: DANA9918

About This Quiz

During the 1970s, if you didn't know the Bee Gees you were not cool! Is your life theme song all about Stayin' Alive or are you full of Jive Talking? Find out!

Which '70s fashion trend would you rock?

Which one of the Bee Gees is your favorite?

Which '70s actress do you remember most?

Would you be a good disco dancer?

If you were to learn an instrument, which one would you play?

Which '70s band do you like most?

Which character from "That '70s Show" are you most like?

Would you ever sport a Bee Gees style beard?

Which Abba song do you like most?

Have you ever been to a roller derby match?

Which Bee Gees song do you find most danceable?

Do you have a hidden talent?

Which '70s car would you like to drive?

Which '70s toy would you like to find?

Which '70s singer do you know the most about?

How do you handle sticky situations?

Which disco film do you like most?

Are you fan of vinyl?

Who do you know someone who loves the Bee Gees as much as you do?

Would you be afraid to sing in front of as many people as the Bee Gees do?

Are you happy with your job?

How would your friends describe your personality?

Which '70s slang phrase do you like most?

Which of the original "Star Wars" actors do you like most?

Have you ever been accused of jive talking?

Which character from "The Jeffersons" are you most like?

Would you like to revisit the period where the Bee Gees were the most popular?

What is your favorite kind of music?

Have you ever worn hot pants?

Which '70s group would you have been part of in high school?

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