Which Angry Bird Are You?

By: Artimis Charvet

About This Quiz

Where would you fly if you could and how bad is your temper? You've obviously played Angry Birds, but which bird are you?

How Well Can You Control Your Anger?

If You Could Have Any Angry Birds Power What Would It Be?

Which One Most Describes You?

Favorite Color?

If You Could Be A Bird In Real life....What Bird Would You be?

When you do your homework, how do you do it?

What your favorite food?

What's your life strategy?

What kind of video games do you like to play?

You would describe yourself as:

When your enemies laugh at you, you:

You don't get angry, you get...

Someone grabs you and holds a knife to your throat! What's your first move?

What do you believe in?

What scares you most?

What surprises you?

"It's not the years, honey - it's the _____."

How's your relationship with your family?

You describe yourself as…

You are the type of person who…

Which of the following would you like to do?

How would others describe you?

Are you superstitious?

How do you define success?

Are you a good person?

Where would you build your dream home?

What can save the world?

What sort of music do you like?

How do you normally react in arguments?

If you had wings where would you fly?

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