Which American Muscle Car Matches Your Personality?

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About This Quiz

When your engines are revving at maximum revolutions, which American muscle car are you most like? You might not think you have a lot in common with a souped-up muscle car, but we think you'll have many character traits in common. All you have to do is tell us about yourself, your love for the open road, and your love of cars. We'll handle the rest! 

Perhaps you take off like a bat out of hell when you're angry, or maybe you warn others with your rumbling idle. No matter how you express yourself, we're sure that you'll have more in common with an American muscle car than you could ever imagine! 

You might think you are as tough as a muscle car, or you might think you have more horsepower than the earliest models. No matter how you see yourself as a car, we're here to put a name to your inner American tough car. 

Buckle up and remember to look before you change lanes during this quiz! We're already on the highway to muscle car identity! After we know the ins and outs of the way you think, we'll let you know which one you are most like! Let's rumble! 

How would your best friend say you drive?

Which foreign car maker makes the best sports cars?

What do you think is your most dominant personality trait?

Which NASCAR driver do you like most?

How many cars would your dream garage fit?

Which racing movie do you like most?

Do you change your own oil?

What kind of customization would you add to a muscle car?

Which company do you think makes the best trucks?

What kind of car do you currently drive?

Do you eat or drink while your are driving?

What kind of music do you listen to when you drive?

If you had a flat tire, what is the first thing you would do?

Do you drive faster when fast songs come on the radio?

Which character from "Cars" do you like most?

Do you always drive with your hand in the 10 and 2 positions?

Do you like driving a manual shift car?

What is the fastest you've ever driven?

Would you rather drive a Ferrari or a Maserati?

What would be your job at a car race?

How old is your current vehicle?

Who taught you to drive?

Which of your body parts has the most muscle?

Which luxury feature would you like most in a new car?

Which decade do you think made the best muscle cars?

Which famous car would you like most to drive?

Which kind of weather do you dislike driving in most?

Are you a good passenger?

What makes you craziest when you see a driver doing it?

Have you ever hitchhiked?

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