Which 'All in the Family' character are you?

By: Joshua Laurent

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Are you a Meathead?  Do you own a recliner? When it comes to television shows that were really ahead of their time, "All in the Family" is at the top of the list. It seems amazing that a show like that could even be on television way back then, let alone today. It was topical, political and took on prejudice and race relations in a way that has rarely been seen on television either before or after. Oh, and it was also totally hilarious.

The main character was Archie Bunker, who wasa  blue collar conservative with a loud mouth, but when it came right down to it he was a good family guy. Then there was his wife Edith, who got confused sometimes but was a sweet woman who wanted to take care of everyone. They had a daughter named Gloria who was stuck in the middle between her parents and her ultra-liberal husband Mike, who didn't get along with Archie at all. Then who could forget their neighbor George Jefferson, a proud African American who constantly clashed with Archie  There is no doubt that these are some of the most realistic and memorable characters that have ever been on television.  Take this quiz to find out which All in the Family character you are!

What was the best "All in the Family" spin-off?

Which one of the main actors was the best?

Which is the most worthy non-profit of those listed?

TV Guide ranked "All in the Family" the 4th best TV show ever. Which of the top three is your favorite?

The episode 'Cousin Maude's Visit' is ranked by TV Guide as the 9th best in TV history. Which one that ranked higher is your favorite?

If you could live in any New York borough, which would it be?

Which was the most controversial topic for "All in the Family" to address in the 1970s?

"All in the Family" topped the Nielsen ratings five years in a row. Which of the next four shows that led the ratings is your favorite?

What's the worst insult of the following?

How liberal would you say you are?

Which supporting character was your favorite?

Who was the best short-term guest star to appear on the show?

Which is your favorite television network?

Other actors were considered for the role of Archie Bunker. Who might have been better than Carroll O'Connor?

Who would make a good President one more time?

You buy an old Buick La Salle. How do you hope it runs?

Of the following, which is the least annoying character flaw?

"All in the Family" was the first show in decades taped in front of a live audience. Which of the following was the best at using that format?

"Those Were The Days" theme song featured the lead actors singing. Which of the other shows listed did it as well as 'All in The Family?'

Reruns of "All in the Family" ran in prime time in 1991 on CBS for several months. What old show reruns would you like to see return to prime time?

Who was the best President during the show's run during the 1970s?

Which sports team was the most dominant during the show's run?

The show was 30 minutes. What length should it have been?

Which 1970s song best sums up "All in the Family"?

Who would have been a great guest star on the show?

Which is the best Rob Reiner-directed film?

If there could have been another character, who should it have been?

What kind of pet did they have on the show?

Do you have any desire to watch reruns of the show?

Which one of these would make the world a better place today?

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