Which 90s fashion fad are you?

Kelly Scott

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About This Quiz

Everyone loves and treasures the 1990s, but there are some fashion trends that should remain buried in history. Which fad are you? Take this quiz and find out. Then just smile and file under Kriss Kross and NKOTB.

Your favorite color is:

Are you a fan of dragons?

Which is your favorite rewards program?

Are you good at climbing trees?

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

How important is being on time to you?

What did you eat for lunch yesterday?

Apart from your parents, who has been the greatest influence in your life?

What household chore do you absolutely hate doing?

Your bedroom walls are painted which color:

You greet folks by saying:

Your earliest memory consists of:

The phone app that you can't live without is:

Your dream vacation would be:

Your biggest fear is:

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