Which '80s Slang Word Describes Your Childhood?

By: Teresa M.
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Was your childhood totally rad or did you seriously get burned? No matter what, your childhood was amazing! Let's find out what hip '80s slang word sums it up!

Which activity did you most like as a kid?

Which '80s film did you like most?

Which '80s actor did you like most?

Which character from "The Lost Boys" did you most admire growing up?

Which character from "The Goonies" were you most like as a kid?

Which '80s song do you like most?

How would your friends describe your sense of fashion?

What '80s cartoon did you like most?

Which slang word do you use the most these days?

What did you like most about camping as a kid?

Were your parents strict when you were growing up?

Who did you hang out with the most when you were growing up?

What word best describes your work personality?

Which '80s fashion trend did you follow?

Are the '80s your favorite decade?

What classic cereal did you eat when you watched cartoons?

What did you parents do that you most wanted to try growing up?

Which '80s actress did you like most?

Which '80s phrase best sums up your current love life?

What drink did you have most growing up?

Which "Saved by the Bell" character did you think was the coolest?

What insect were you most afraid of growing up?

Would you like to relive your childhood?

How good are you at keeping in touch with old friends?

What did you want to do when you grew up?

Which food did you dislike the most when you were a kid?

Have you turned out like your parents?

What did you like to do most on summer break?

Which childhood book did you prefer?

Where did you grow up?

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