Which '80s Exercise Star Should Whip You into Shape?

Teresa M.

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Are you ready to work on your beach body, or are you simply looking to get into better shape? Either way, there's totally an '80s fitness guru out there to get you moving!

Which aerobic exercise would you most like to try?

Which '80s fashion trend would you rock?

Why do you want to get into shape?

What dance song from the '80s are you most likely to play during your workout?

For health's sake, which food are you willing to cut out of your diet?

How would you describe your activity level?

Which diet are you most likely to try?

How committed to getting in shape are you?

Which '80s movie do you like most?

Which water based exercise are you most likely to try?

Which '80s pop star do you want your body to look like?

Where are you most likely to work out?

Will you have a workout partner?

Which '80s toy did you have when you were young?

Which '80s TV show did you like most?

What will you wear to work out?

Which body part would you like to work on the most?

Which type of exercise class do you think you would like most?

Which outdoor sport do you enjoy the most?

What will you reward yourself with when you reach a fitness goal?

Which '80s actress do you find most attractive?

Which superfood will you eat while trying to get into shape?

What would you drink to quench your thirst after a workout?

How would you add protein to your diet while you get in shape?

Which snack food will you miss while you are on your fitness kick?

Which '80s video game did you play most?

Which bad habit will you try to kick when being coached by your '80s fitness star?

Which '80s exercise star do you remember best?

Which '80s comedian inspires you?

How will you keep yourself motivated?

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