Which '80s Actor Are You?

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The '80s were fast paced, technologically advanced, and full of great actors! Thinking back, do you know which '80s actor you are most like? Let's find out!

Which '80s film do you like most?

Which Ralph Macchio movie do you like most?

Which '80s singer did you like most?

Which '80s song do you know the most words?

Is the '80s your favorite decade?

Which '80s actress would you most like to meet?

Which of these words would you use to describe your fashion sense?

Would you ever sport long hair?

Which of your physical features do you like most?

Which Kevin Bacon film do you like most?

What do you think was the best part of the '80s?

How would you describe your age during the 1980s?

Which '80s actor do you think has been most successful?

Which '80s romantic comedy is your love life most like?

Which '80s fashion trend would you wear?

Which '80s car would you take for a drive?

Which '80s animated film would you watch again?

Which popular '80s television show do you wish would come back?

What would you wear to an '80s themed party?

Which Michael J. Fox show do you like most?

Which word would you choose to describe the '80s?

Which '80s hair metal band do you like most?

Who do you think is the most overrated '80s actor?

Which word would describe your onscreen persona?

Do you have any acting ability?

Do you have a good poker face?

Which quality do you admire most in an actor?

Which '80s cop show do you like most?

What percent '80s would you say you are?

Which '80s actor do you think you might be?

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