Which '60s TV Hunk Was Made for You?

Mark Lichtenstein

Image: YouTube, The Movie DB

About This Quiz

Even if you didn't live through the 1960s, the television gods designated a TV hunk for you in that decade. Together, let us journey through time and sort out which one was meant for you.

Can your man keep a secret?

How clean cut is he?

Is he classically handsome?

Does he know how to fight?

Does he believe in justice?

How funny is he?

Is he rich?

How big is his chest?

How tall is he?

How long is his career?

How successful is he outside of his TV show?

What state is he from?

What's his signature style?

What are you drinking together?

Who are his fans?

Who is his role model?

Which celebrity do you think would identify your guy as their role model?

If he were not a TV hunk, what might he be?

Does he love the Old West?

Does he look good in blue?

Can he do an accent?

Do you mind him fading into obscurity?

What network suits him?

What is his theme song?

What leading lady should be on his arm?

What director would he work with?

What modern star would he remind people of?

If he ever left you, which he never would, but if he did, what form of transportation would he use?

What word describes his smile?

What modern show would he star in?

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