Where Should You Vacation this Summer?

By: Jody Mabry
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Summer is in the air, and you are probably wondering where you should take off to this year? Somewhere that caters to your every need, an exotic locale, or a friendly city? There are thousands of great places to choose from. Take this quiz and see which vacation spot is for you this summer!

How do you enjoy relaxing on vacation?

Who do you go on vacation with?

What view do you want to see on vacation?

Do you prefer a warm or cold climate?

Which seafood most appeals to you?

How often do you travel for pleasure?

Do you mix work and pleasure on vacation?

Do you know how to swim?

Are you afraid of heights?

Which means of air travel would you prefer?

Who is your favorite author?

What is your favorite kind of bread?

Do you prefer an English-speaking locale?

Which is your ideal clothing option on vacation?

Which is your favorite type of museum?

How should your vacation spot smell?

Which historic activity would you like to partake?

Do you mind a lot of people congestion?

Which would be a drink of choice?

How would you like to get around while on vacation?

Which type of weather do you prefer?

What does casual wear mean to you?

What are you looking for while you stroll down the street?

What would you like to see when you look out over water?

Which animal do you prefer?

What is your favorite hard liquor?

What is your favorite thing about nature?

What would make a romantic dinner?

How will you document your experience?

Which souvenir would you bring back with you?

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