Where In North America Am I?

By Stella Alexander on March 07, 2018

About This Quiz

Located in the western hemisphere, North America has a variety of freezing and tropical locations. From northern Canada to the beaches of Bermuda, can you figure out where in North America these places are located?

There are a total of seven continents in the world, six of which are habitable. While four of them can be found in the eastern hemisphere, North and South America can be found in the west. North America has a large span, from its tips of Greenland near the North Pole to its lowest points in Panama near the equator. 

This large vertical span of North America comes with 23 countries found in the mainland region, in Central America, and in the Caribbean. With a few key hints, could you figure out where in North America you'd be?

If we stated that you were in the largest city in North America, would you know whether you'd be in Mexico City or New York City? If we told you that you had to travel to this country for the origins of Reggae music, do you know on which island you'd be relaxing?

North America is the third-largest continent, with more than 20 countries, countless cities, and more than half a billion people. With a few hints and clues, could you name where you are in North America?

There's only one way to find out! Strap on that seat belt and let's travel around North America with this quiz!

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