Wheel Of Fortune: Can You Solve These Phrases?

By: Kennita Leon
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I'D LIKE TO BUY A VOWEL! Can you come out on top of this challenge? An elevated version of hangman, could you spin the Wheel of Fortune and solve these phrases?

Wheel of Fortune is a popular game show that began in 1995. Originally premiering on NBC, it was hosted by Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford. The show bounced around between NBC and CBS during a daytime slot before it was formatted for a nighttime version. Pat Sajak signed on as the host of the daytime series in 1981 and began hosting the nighttime version in 1983 with Vanna White. While the daytime series ended in 1991, the nighttime syndicated version continues to go strong on ABC! In a game of Wheel of Fortune, can you solve these phrases?

In Wheel of Fortune, there are a host of different categories ranging from "around the house" and "show biz" to "rhyme time" and "fictional character." Contestants start by spinning a wheel with values that range from $500 to a million dollars. Similar to the game of hangman, players are asked to guess a letter. They are awarded the amount for every letter they guess correctly within their turn. If they guess an incorrect letter, the turn goes to the next contestant. Three contestants battle it out to see who will make it to the final round. Could you make it to the final round of this quiz?

Do you have enough to buy a vowel or will the Wheel of Fortune leave you bankrupt? There's only one way to find out!

Spin the wheel and let's begin!

The show was originally named Shoppers Bazaar. Instead of cash, the players won fake money to put toward prizes on set.

Wheel of Fortune has been ranked the longest-running game show in the U.S with 35 seasons and over 6,000 episodes.

The show has a large worldwide following with about 60 international adaptations.

Other theme songs included instrumental versions of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and "Spinning Wheel."

The show's "Wheel! Of! Fortune!" chant was introduced on the same day "Changing Keys" became the main theme.

The set weighs close to one million pounds and requires 14 giant trucks to be moved to various filming locations.

The set consists of 12 high definition cameras, more than 30 miles of cable and 140 color monitors.

Despite many taping destinations and locations, there is only one wheel and one puzzle board, both of which have undergone many changes.

The original wheel was designed by Ed Flesh and was built using cardboard, paint and light bulbs.

The current wheel weighs up to 2,400 pounds and has 200 lights. Its noise is made by 73 stainless steel pins which hit three rubber flippers.

The current puzzle board has 52 touchscreen television monitors. There are 12 at the top and bottom rows and 14 in the two middle rows.

There are 24 prize envelopes in the bonus wheel.

Everyone on staff, including Pat Sajak and Vanna White, contribute to the puzzles.

During the early seasons of the show, Vanna White and Pat Sajak were often drunk while hosting; rumor has it.

Edd Byrnes, who briefly hosted the show for a few episodes, was also drunk while hosting.

On April 1, 1997, Alex Trebek hosted the show while Pat and Vanna spun the wheel for charity.

Vanna White and Pat Sajak have hosted the syndicated version of the show since 1983.

Pat Sajak matches his ties to Vanna White's dress. She has worn over 6,000 dresses and has never worn the same dress twice.

An off-screen camera indicates to Pat how many times a letter appears in a puzzle.

During the early seasons of the show, someone off camera signaled to Pat the number of times a letter appeared in the puzzle by holding up their fingers.

The letter "T" was the first letter ever turned by Vanna White on the puzzle board.

Charlie O'Donnell was the show's first and longest announcer. He narrated the show from 1975 – 1980 and 1989 – 2010.

The show's current announcer, Jim Thornton, has been with the show since 2011.

In a 2008 article, the show was rated as the top-rated syndicated series by TV Guide.

In 2013, Wheel of Fortune was ranked at number two by TV Guide in the "60 Greatest Game Shows Ever" list.

The show's original theme, named "Big Wheels," was composed by Alan Thicke.

At least 118 Jackpots have been won so far. The first won on September 26, 1996, and the last on June 10, 2013.

On October 5, 2006, the highest known Jackpot of $16,000 was won.

On September 19, 1997, a Jackpot estimated at $23, 250 went unclaimed.

To date, there have been three $1,000,000 winners.

There have been 37 $100,000 winners in the Bonus Round.

Two puzzles have led to $100,000 winners. These are "BRAINS AND BRAWN" and "BACK IN A FLASH."

The largest all-cash record of $147,000, was set on December 28, 2012.

The lowest confirmed win was made sometime in September of 1984.

The show has three permanent taping locations. These are NBC Studios, CBS Television Studios and Sony Pictures Studios.

On October 26 – 27 1988, the first roadshow was filmed in Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

The first roadshow episodes were aired on November 14 and 21, 1988.

The show frequently travels to a major city or place where they film their "themed week."

Despite traveling often, the show sometimes films its themed week in Culver City.

The show's earliest themed week was called Brides Week and has been used three times ever since.

Due to Pat Sajak's laryngitis, Pat and Vanna traded places for one bonus round.

There have been three versions of the show so far. The 1975 – 1991 original daytime series and the 1983 series and the current night-time run.

There was also the 1997-1998 spinoff, Wheel 2000, which has two adaptations.

On April 1, 1997, Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak traded jobs for a day with Pat hosting that day's episode of Jeopardy.

In January and February 2011, a "Vanna for a Day" contest was held by the show which gave viewers a chance to take Vanna's place for a day.

Katie Cantrell was the winner of the contest. On March 24, 2011, she hosted the second and third rounds of the episode.

Every year, more than 10,000 people audition for the show with only about 600 being chosen.

Very little has changed about the show since it started, including the price of a vowel bargained at $250.

The selected contestants are coached by a team of contestant coordinators. They are taught when to buy a vowel and how to properly spin the wheel.

Vanna White claps more than 28,000 times per season. As a result, she is in the Guinness Book of World Records for "Television's Most Frequent Clapper."

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