What's your wedding style? Quiz

By: Ana Todorovic
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Let's be real, you've dreamed of this day ever since you were a little girl. Make sure you pick the right style for your personality.

Your idea of a perfect date looks like...

When you envision your future home with your husband or wife, which of the following styles do you see?

What type of dress do you see yourself wearing?

What type of attire do you see your spouse wearing?

How would you describe your personality?

In which of the following settings are you most comfortable?

What style of shoe do you wear most often?

Which of the following colors would you prefer to have at your wedding?

Do you think you will use a wedding planner?

How many guests do you think you will invite to your wedding?

What day do you see yourself getting married?

What season do you want to get married?

Where do you and your friends like to get together?

What type of music do you want to have at your wedding?

What kind of food do you imagine serving at your wedding reception?

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