What's Your True Celtic Sign?

By Steven Miller on February 26, 2018

About This Quiz

The ancient Celts and their Druid spiritual leaders believed strongly in an oral tradition, but we hope they will forgive us for actually writing this quiz down. We find it easier that way.

When they did write down their words, it was in the form of Ogham letters. These letters, which were composed of lines and slashes across those lines, created an alphabet. In addition, those letters came to take on symbolic meaning. They were connected to animals, gemstones, colors, times of the year and trees.

Long before scientists discovered that trees breathed in carbon dioxide and breathed out oxygen (a combination that proves to be extremely helpful to human life), the Celts revered the trees above all other life forms. The trees were sacred, and they became the symbolic cornerstone of their culture and spiritual life.

So, while the standard zodiac takes on the patterns of stars in the sky, the Celts believed in a much more grounded form of spirituality. They associated behavioral patterns to specific times of the year, and then connected those associations to the sacred trees that surrounded them.

In areas that we now call Ireland, England, France, and Spain, the Celts and their culture dominated the landscape for around 800 years. Let's find out what lessons our spiritual ancestors have for us and which tree is our spiritual ally in this life.

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