What's Your Trucker Nickname?

By Steven Miller on May 29, 2018

About This Quiz

There's a fox in the hen house, and a flying doughnut is on our trail. This is no time for sandbagging. Get your ears on and do your best to avoid becoming a bucket mouth on the CB.

If you understood any of the previous paragraph, it seems clear that you're definitely trucker material.

The road is full of characters, and we've got a nickname that will fit pretty much any Tom, Dick or Julie that may come along. Whether you've never driven a big rig or you've got decades of experience on the road, the following questions are sure to narrow in on a name that'll stick to you like white on rice.

For example, do you drive so much that falling asleep behind the wheel has become a common occurrence? If you cause the rumble strips to sing on a regular basis and you're commonly in a few lanes at a time, you're likely going to earn the nickname of "Road Hog." If your rig is a total sty and you eat with reckless abandon, then that would pretty much seal the deal on that one.

Fasten your seat belt. It's time to hit the road and find out what this cotton-pickin' thing is made of.

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