What's your summer anthem?

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Summer is just around the corner! Warm weather brings out the fun in everyone. What song will be your summer soundtrack? Find the perfect anthem for you!

What do you like most about summer?

What kind of music do you listen to most often?

Where would you go on a summer road trip?

Is summer your favorite season?

What kind of party would you throw this summer?

What are you more likely to do on a lazy summer evening?

Who will you spend the most time with over the summer?

What beach activity do you like most?

What drink do you find most refreshing on a hot summer day?

Which summer job have you had?

What kind of swimwear will you wear this summer?

If you could spend the summer abroad, where would you like to stay?

Which ice cream flavor would you choose to cool you down on a hot summer day?

Will you go to a lot of parties this summer?

Where do you usually listen to music?

Do you like to dance?

What kind of summer are you hoping to have?

Which summer chore do you enjoy the least?

Is your summer wardrobe revealing?

What is your fondest summer childhood memory?

Which summer fruit do you like most?

What outdoor activity would you like to try this summer?

What do you think teachers do on their summer breaks?

What kind of summer flower do you like most?

What will you make on the grill this summer?

What kind of cruise would you think about going on this summer?

Which water sport would you like to try this summer?

Which of the summer months do you like most?

What television show might you binge watch this summer?

Where would you like to build a summer house?

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