What's Your Spirit Food?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Many non-human things in life can embody our spirits, but we've been thinking that food is simply not being given credit for its greatness. Let's face it! As humans, we have deep relationships with food. Whether we use it as fuel or for comfort, food is always there for us. And we are always here for food!

As we chew the fat during this quiz, we are going to have to get to know your spirit. There's no better way to figure out your food identifier than by getting to know you. We will need to learn about your food likes and dislikes, your personality, and a little about the way food plays a role in your life. Once you're done letting us see your spirit, we'll be able to pair you up with the food that reflects you the best. 

We promise we won't compare you to anything like pork rinds, but we might ask you about them. You might want to have a snack handy because we're sure your mouth will water. After we've given you such intense cravings only takeout will satisfy them, we'll reveal the spirit food that shines from within your soul!

Which citrus fruit do you like most?

How would your best friend describe you when you are angry?

Which fast food restaurant do you like most?

How would you rate yourself in the kitchen?

Which kind of pie makes you happiest?

Do you prefer sweet or savory snacks?

What kind of takeout do you enjoy the most?

Which meal is your biggest?

Which comfort food is most soothing?

Which barbecue side dish would you consider heavenly?

Which vegetable is your least favorite?

Would you order pineapple on a pizza?

How do you prefer your eggs?

Do you snack a lot?

Are you a healthy eater?

Do you take your lunch to work?

Which salad topping do you like most?

Which grocery store aisle costs you the most?

How often do you go grocery shopping?

Which food do you prefer on the grill?

Which condiment do you use the most?

Do you prefer dill pickles or bread and butter pickles?

Do you like wine or beer more?

How would you order your coffee?

Could you grow your own food?

What would you order from the Taco Bell secret menu?

Which kind of juice drink most often?

Would you rather give up meat or bread?

Which kind of milk tastes the best?

Which kind of soup warms you up the most?

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