What's Your Roller Derby Name?

Teresa M.

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About This Quiz

Whether you are a jammer or a blocker, your roller derby name puts fear in the hearts of the other team. What's you roller derby name? Find out with this quiz!

Are you competitive?

What female athlete do you like most?

What song would play when your team enters with ring?

Which roller derby position would you like most?

What do you do to stay in shape?

Which film about roller derby did you enjoy the most?

What do you like most about roller derby?

Where did you learn to skate?

Which word best describes your personality?

Do you practice good sportsmanship?

Other than roller derby, what sport do you like most?

Which "Whip It" actress do you like most?

Which symbol might represent your team?

Who would be the most supportive of you joining a roller derby league?

Roller derby teams often compete for charity, what charity would your team support?

What female fronted band do you like most?

What board game are you most cutthroat about when you play?

How would your teammates describe your team spirit?

How would you handle being hit by a rough block?

Which animal would you say is your spirit animal?

What roller derby related injury do you find the scariest?

What piece of roller derby equipment do you find the coolest?

Who would you like to have join a roller derby team with you?

Who would be your biggest fan?

What decade of roller derby do you find most fascinating?

Where would you shop for roller derby gear?

Other than roller derby, what hobby to you enjoy most?

Which roller derby pioneer do you admire most?

Which country would you most like to have a roller derby match?

How would you prepare yourself for a match?

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