What's Your Red Carpet Style?

By: Kennita Leon

About This Quiz

The Red Carpet is the place where celebs get to strut their stuff before any award ceremony. We get to see them in all their glory, wearing the best designer clothes. If you were a celeb, what would your red carpet style be?

Which of these words best describe you?

What do your friends think of you?

Which of these activities do you spend the most time doing?

What are you doing on a Friday night?

Which of these breakfast foods makes your tummy rumble?

Which of these lunches is more delicious?

Which of these desserts can you never pass up?

You’re at a bar. Which of these drinks do you ask for?

Which celebrity’s style do you like the most?

Which Kardashian is your favorite?

Which of these guys is your celebrity crush?

Which of these patterns/fabrics can you not live without?

You get to choose one more. Which would you pick?

What kind of shoe would you live in, if you could?

Which designer makes the best dresses?

Who sells the best clothes?

Which of these shoe brands is your favorite?

How do you normally style your hair?

Which decade had the best styles?

What’s your go-to accessory?

You have to choose just one. Which would it be?

Which of these cities would you to for a vacation?

What is the perfect gift you could be given?

What’s your love life like right now?

What type of movie would you watch for date night?

What would your date night outfit be?

Which of these flowers do you like the most?

Which of these snacks would you reach for at an awards show?

It’s time to get ready for the red carpet. What song are you listening to while you’re getting ready?

You’re ready to leave your house. What’s the one thing you put into your bag?

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